Lavca Heuristic Evaluation of Instagram Paper

Lavca Heuristic Evaluation of Instagram Paper by ella | Mar 17, 2023 | Uncategorized Description2 parts to this assignment part 1- Heuristic Evaluation part 2-Usability TestingMust watch these videos 1 – Heuristic EvaluationI would like you to please think about a product of technology that you would like to in really try to improve it using Human Factors methodology and techniques. Ideally, you should use the same product for the remainder of your Discussions for the course. Please DO NOT use any of the following items: apple watch, blue-tooth headphones, cell phones, iPads, iPods, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and microwaves. You are more than welcome to use specific Apps for mobile devices, but just don’t use the phone itself as your product. You also should NOT use a car (generic) as your product because cars are very generic, very broad products. If you choose to evaluate a specific part of a car (i.e. Navigation system of a 2018 Toyota Camry), make sure you specify the TYPE of car and the TYPE of SYSTEM you are evaluating. Feel free to email me with any questions! For this week, I would like you to answer the following questions:1) Name and describe the product you are choosing to evaluate.2) Why did you choose this product?3) After reading/watching the videos and text on Heuristic Evaluations, identify 5-7 flows that you want to evaluate for the product. A flow is basically a task or process that a user can complete using your product. Because products serve a variety of different functions, I only want you to focus on the MAIN ones that your product is used for.4) Include screenshots/images to illustrate these flows. 5) Identify which of Nielsen’s heuristics are violated! 6) Use the template/spreadsheet that you see on PAGE 8 of your Powerpoint to create a violations chart. The chart should include: – The task/flow/process that the user is trying to accomplish – The problem with this task…why would a user have a hard time doing this? – Which of Nielsen’s heuristics does this problem violate? – Why this could matter to the user? 7) Make sure you include the CHART and the answers to questions 1-3 in one assignment. You can copy/paste the chart into a powerpoint of Word document…and then save it as a PDF. Part 2– Usability Testing in great detail! I would like you to try to conduct your own usability study on the product of your choice… the SAME product you did a Heuristic Evaluation onYOU ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO COLLECT DATA ON THIS in a couple weeks, so please make sure you choose a product that is easily accessible!This is Discussion is going to be one of several, in which you will be completing the lab study step-by-step. For this week, all you have to worry about it is answering the following questions:1) What is the product you are evaluating? Do you have access to it? Will you be providing access for it, or do participants already need to have access to their own?2) Who is the target audience for this product? (Meaning – who would be using this product in the real world? Who would care about the results of your study?)3) Where would you conduct your usability study? (Remember, usability studies last from 45 min- 1 hour). 4) Where will you find your participants? How will you recruit them? (If you were working for a company, they would have a recruitment team to find participants. In YOUR case, feel free to use friends, family members, etc.)5) How many participants will you have? (Remember, a usability study typically uses 5-7 people. This is not a survey where you need to have a very large amount of people).6) What characteristics do your participants need to have? Do you have any restrictions on age, gender, occupation, knowledge of knowing how a product works, etc.? (For example, if you are testing a high-tech, fancy photo camera, you probably want to recruit participants who are interested in photography or have interacted with cameras before. It would NOT make sense to conduct a usability study with people who would not realistically use this product in the real world).7) Plan a testing day(s) for your study. Again, I will be conducting this usability study in a couple days, so please make sure your participants are realistic! Let me know if you have any questions!”Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, guaranteeing you A results.”