Literature Review: Introduction and Selection Criteria

Question DescriptionInstructions Assignment 2—Literature Review, Part 1: Introduction and Selection Criteria (will be graded upon submission of part 2)Your literature review will be submitted in two parts. For this assignment, you will be submitting only part 1.The purpose of a literature review is to present relevant literature findings from nursing and related fields, show awareness of what is known about this scientific area and apply the findings to nursing practice.The purpose of this assignment is to provide a basis for the remaining class projects that build on this literature review. Only quantitative research studies should be used.Using the skills you developed in critiquing a research article, perform a literature review in a clinical area of interest. In your classroom, you will find a list of suggested topics, but that list is by no means comprehensive—choose something of particular professional interest to you. Consult your instructor if you have any questions or need help deciding on an appropriate topic.In your final paper, you shouldprovide a clear rationale for an important scientific investigation related to nursing scienceinclude at least four relevant, quantitative, peer-reviewed journal articles published within the past five yearsIt is strongly recommended that you send your articles via e-mail to the instructor for approval before your begin your review.Your final paper, combining sections 1 & 2, should be 10 to 15 pages, including the cover page and references.The following article offers helpful guidelines for constructing a critique of a nursing research article:Cronin, P., Ryan, F., & Coughlan, M. (2008). Undertaking a literature review: a step-by-step approach . British Journal of Nursing, 17(1): 38-43.Note that you will be submitting this assignment in two parts. You will not receive a separate grade for part 1, although late penalties will apply. You will receive your final grade for this assignment when you submit the combined paper including part 1 and part 2.Submit pdf copies of the articles you are reviewing along with the assignment for both parts 1 and 2.Part 1 (due as Assignment #2) should be 3 to 5 pages and follow this outline:IntroductionState the topic you selected and why.Provide some background information about the topic. Why is it important? Use data to support your argument.Explain your search and methods – List a minimum of four keywords that you used for your search, the databases you used to perform your search, and how you selected the articles you are reviewing.ReviewList the articles you selected, briefly describing each article and why you chose those articles—for example, relevance to the research topic, methodology used, peer-reviewed content.Summarize the purpose, population, methods, major findings and recommendations of each article.Part 2 should be 7 to 10 pages and follow this outline:DiscussionDiscuss the overall findings of the articles. Compare and contrast the articles.Conclusion and ApplicationDescribe how these can be applied to nursing research and practice.Be sure to incorporate your instructor’s feedback from part 1, and add the new part 2 content to submit one complete literature review paper of 10 to 15 total pages for your grade for Assignment #3.Your final literature review will be graded on the following criteria.CriteriaLevel 361- 100 pointsLevel 225 – 60 pointsLevel 10– 24 pointsRelevant Research Articles(10 points)Includes four or more relevant articlesIncludes three relevant articlesIncludes two or fewer relevant articlesIntroduction(20 points)Clearly states rationale for topic chosen; includes keywords and databases searchedDiscusses rationale for chosen topic; does not include keywords or databasesHas little or no information regarding rationale for choice of topic; is missing keywords or databases searchedReview(20 points)Discusses rationale for articles chosen, methodology, major findings, recommendationsLacks some information on rationale, methodology, findings, or recommendationsOffers little or no information on rationale, methodology, findings, or recommendationsDiscussion(20 points)Appropriately summarizes the findings of the articlesSomewhat appropriately summarizes the findings of the articlesDoes not appropriately summarize the findings of the articlesConclusions and Application(20 points)Discusses meaningful applications to future nursing research and/or a clinical areaDiscusses somewhat meaningful applications to future nursing research and/or a clinical areaDoes not discuss meaningful applications to future nursing research and/or a clinical areaAPA, Spelling, Grammar, and Organization(10 points)Expertly applies APA guidelines in formatting and referencing; exhibits excellent spelling and grammar throughout the paper; is well organized and easy to readApplies APA, but exhibits some formatting or referencing mistakes; has some spelling and grammar errors; is generally well written and easy to read, with minimal organization problemsHas many APA, spelling, and/or grammar mistakes throughout the paper; is difficult to read; may be ineffectively organized

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