Literature Review on Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI)

Question DescriptionThe purpose of this assignment is to retrieve a minimum of 5 nursing research publications based on an approved research problem. The goal is to be able to differentiate research from other types of publications, with a focus on recent, quantitative, nursing research. Copies of 5 retrieved full‐text publications are to be submitted with an accurately cited reference page formatted in APA style. At least one of the authors on each article must be a nurse.GROUP LITERATURE REVIEW GRADING CRITERIA1. Submission of 5 Nursing Research Publications 30%a. Published articles are RESEARCHb. Articles are from a quality peer‐reviewed nursing journalc. At least one of the lead authors of each article is a nursed. Minimum of 2 studies that were published in the past 5 yearse. Maximum of 1 qualitative study permittedf. No meta‐analyses or comprehensive reviews are permittedg. Copy of full article is required, not just abstract2. Literature Review Outline60%a. Introduction provided that includes research question and databases used for search and concepts used for search. Major headings provided.b. Summarize major findings of each study included under each major headingc. At the end of each major heading, summarize similarities and differences.2. Reference Page in APA format 10%a. Running headb. Page numbersc. References headingd. Correct spellinge. Citations accurately referencedf. One point deduction for each unique APA error

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