Malcolm X Make It Plain Documentary Comparative Analysis

Malcolm X Make It Plain Documentary Comparative Analysis by ella | Mar 17, 2023 | Uncategorized DescriptionComparative Analysis PaperIn Week 3, we watch two documentaries on Malcolm X. The first is Malcolm X: Make It Plain, directed by Orlando Bagwell and produced by PBS in 1994. The second is Malcolm X, directed by Arnold Perl and produced by Warner Brothers in 1972. In 400-600 words, you will write a comparative analysis that puts these two films into conversation with one another. The paper requires you take a stand with the goal of persuading a more general public of your point of view. The short piece should be informed by the readings and lectures from the beginning of the course, but especially by Sohail Daulatzai’s chapter assigned that week. The piece also needs to engage not only the content of the documentaries, but also the styles in which they are presented.Goals of the paper:To write a clear, short, and accessible essay that persuades a general audience of your point-of-view.To illustrate your knowledge of our course content in order to build your credibility as a writer and expert on your topic.To use this expertise of the course content to construct a specific, original, and sophisticated thesis (point-of-view) about these two documentaries.To incorporate your own particular interests and creativity into the work by choosing what specific element you want to write about.To exhibit your ability to analyze and argue about both the content and form (style) of the documentaries assigned.Grading Rubric:Argumentation: Does your essay clearly and persuasively argue for a specific thesis that is original, clear, and sophisticated? Does your essay illustrate your use of the course content to make your argument (the readings, class discussions, other media we’ve seen)?Organization: Is your essay organized clearly and persuasively? Are you using topic sentences that draw in your reader and direct the ideas in your paragraph? Are your paragraphs both cohesive and organized in a logical way that supports your argument?Evidence: Does your essay use strong, specific examples and vivid descriptions to help prove your thesis?Language and Mechanics: Does your essay use strong word choices? Is it grammatically correct and exhibit a strong, persuasive style that fits a less formal genre of writing?Writing Tips:Avoid too much summary. A quick intro is all that is needed. Jump right into your thesis.Keep in mind one documentary was made seven years following Malcolm X’s death and came out at the height of the Black Power Movement, and the other was made nearly thirty years later, following his assassination.Focus in on a manageable topic:a specific element of Malcolm X’s life and how it is depicted in the documentariesthe success of one documentary over the other in expressing a particular message about Malcolm Xsomething that is missing in one documentary and why that is significant (or something that is missing in both documentaries)a focus on a particular formal element (editing, narrative structure, ect.) and how it is used differently to different effects in both documentaries (or something that is similar and connects them)A focus on spectatorship and affect (the emotional experience of the viewer)—what emotions are elicited by the documentaries? How do their affective qualities differ?A focus on how the documentaries speak to their specific historical conditions (1972 & 1994)**Please feel free to focus on your own manageable topic. You do not need to choose from the suggested list above. The paper is meant to give you some liberty to write on something that strikes you as interesting, significant, and important.”Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, guaranteeing you A results.”