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must be about one of theses topics Service Marketing, Retailing & Integrated MKTG Communication marketing,see the attachment for details how to do it. and here an example here. Only one page and half will be enogh 36 hours nedded.  THIS IS JUST An example is provided as the first blog entry.Thursday, October 23, 2014Marketing Analysis – Market Segmentation New Posted by    Dale Varble  at Thursday, October 23, 2014 12:23:08 PM EDT Watch Video Market Analysis – Market Segmentation Duration: (3:14) User: jaslocombe –  Added: 6/7/08 YouTube URL: A. Page number in the textbook where the principle or concept is found is page 179.B. Market Segmentation is the process of dividing a total market into groups, or segments, that consist of people or organizations with relatively similar needs.C. The video I think demonstrated market segmentation well for the magazine and car market, by providing examples as well as pictures to go along with the lecture of market segmentation.  I did learn that you need to establish when, where, and how to attract marketing when you are segmentating. I also learned that there needs consequences on market segmenting and they need to be wrote down at the business. This way the company knows the information regarding the negative sides of market segmentation to insure we are gaining profits for the specific business or product.  This video was aimed towards cars and magazines. They focused on market segmentation regarding age, sex, and income. The video was weak in the aspect of keeping my attention. Even though the video was only 3 1/2 minutes long, it was very boring. The strengths of the video were the examples given regarding market segmentation (which were the magazines, and the cars). The weaknesses of the video were that is was a short and boring video that did not keep my attention.Overall the information that I gained on Market Segmentation, was helpful just wished it was more enthusiastic video.

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