HELP!  this GMT447 IP in APA format with 3-4 references this assignmen must be original, fresh work and on time due 9/20/14 will pay $15   Assignments Help   Unit4 – Individual Project Consider the following scenario: As supervisor for a retail company, you supervise six people in your location. You are responsible for their payroll and commissions each week. This task would normally take a couple of hours on paper, but you now have the expertise needed to automate the process by using formulas and functions in an Excel spreadsheet.Use the data provided to create a worksheet described below:You must create a workbook with separate sheets for each week that would allow sales managers to compare sales figures and commissions from one week to the next. Each worksheet should calculate the payroll amount for each of your six employees. If sales are below $1,000, then the commission paid is 5% of the sales. If sales are between $1,000 and $3,999.99, the commission paid is 10% of the sales. If sales are $4,000 or higher, the sales … (More) Reading Assignment: Stair & Reynolds, Chapters 6 – 7 Due Date: 9/21/2014 11:59:59 PM (4 Days) Total Pts: 125 Points Earned: n/a InstructorComments:  Unit #4 IPAs a reminder:1)Workbook must have separate worksheets for each week to calculate the payroll amount for each employee.2)If sales are below $1,000, commission paid is 5% of the sales. If sales are between $1,000 and $3,999.99, commission paid is 10% of the sales. And if sales are $4,000 or higher, commission rate is 12.5%.3)Sales people will be paid either a commission or a hourly pay earned amount—whichever is higher. And only hourly employees should receive 150% (time and a half) of their hourly rate for hours over 40 worked per week. Do not calculate commission earned for hourly employees or overtime for sales employees.4)Specific formulas and functions or required in completing the payroll amounts.5)Commission Earned, Hourly Pay Earned (only calculated for the two hourly employees), and Payroll Amount columns require use of IF function.6)Name workbook with format of LastnameFirstnameIP4.xlsEach worksheet should contain the following headings:Employee Sales   Hours Worked   Hourly PayCommission Earned    Hourly Pay Earned  Payroll Amount Fred        $5,500      30                $10.00       $687.50                  $300.00                  $687.50 Maddie        0            45                   12.50           —                            593.75                     593.75 Also in calculating overtime pay you should:1) in parenthesis calculate the regular hrs x regular pay2) add the overtime pay by placing in a separate parenthesis3) calculate the overtime pay by multiplying the OT hours X regular pay x 1.5So for example: (A1*E1)+(B1*E1*1.5)Wherein:reg hrs is in A1reg pay in E1overtime (OT) hrs in B11.5 multiplies the OT hours by 1.5 to calculate the OT pay for the OT hoursAlso the IF the function should calculate the figure in cells outlined in assignment. The IF Function returns one value if a specified condition is true, and another if it is false. Also all required conditions should be in IF Statements.See also for reference: 

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