Name 3 conflict resolution techniques and explain how you will use these to resolve this conflict: Responses

ou are working as part of the wait staff at a local restaurant. A customer you are serving has called you over to her table and has complained that she has found a hair in her meal. However, she has finished her meal and there is no hair to be seen. She is visibly unhappy and demanding a refund. This is not the policy of your restaurant. 1. Name 3 conflict resolution techniques and explain how you will use these to resolve this conflict: Responses 2. What are the dangers of leaving this conflict unresolved? Responses Scenario 2 You are working at a hotel that is popular with international tourists. A foreign tourist approaches you with a complaint about his room, but you are struggling to understand his concerns due to his accent and language barrier. You begin to understand that the customer has an issue with the cleanliness of his bathroom. He is becoming agitated, aggressive, raising his voice and speaking quickly. He has crossed his arms and looks stiff and tense, as well as frowning at you. How will you manage this customer’s complaint? Answer the following questions based on this scenario. 1. What are the signs in this situation that conflict is occurring? Responses 2. How could you overcome this communication barrier? Responses 3. What actions can you take to resolve this complaint? Responses 4. What actions can you take to prevent this situation from happening again in the future? Responses 5. What actions could management take to assist employees to improve their communication with international customers? ResponsesScenario 3 Some hostility has been occurring among your work team as Sarah and James always receive the weekend off, and the rest of the team is required to work both Saturdays and Sundays. The other employees are beginning to resent Sarah and James for always receiving the weekend off work. The team rarely works with Sarah and James due to this rostering, and when they do, there is conflict. The other employees hold fixed opinions about Sarah and James and as a result, the working environment has become tense and there has been a lot of gossip. The conflict has not been resolved and is therefore increasing in severity. As a result, arguments have occurred between Sarah and other employees. There has been a notable decrease in productivity. 1. Conflict theory can be divided into the following parts: 1) Signs 2) Stages 3) Levels 4) Factors involved 5) Results Using the scenario, apply the situations to the relevant parts of conflict theory listed above. Which aspects need to be addressed by you as the manager? Responses 2. As the manager of this team, describe why you believe this conflict is occurring between Sarah and James and the other team members. Responses 3. During the initial stages of this conflict, team members were uncomfortable about the rostering situation but did not argue about the issue. Describe the stage of conflict that this situation has reached. What will happen if it is ignored further? Responses 4. How can you use communication techniques to effectively manage the conflict within your team and work well with the other members? Responses 5. How can management work with you to determine and implement a possible solution to this conflict? Responses 6. What results will be achieved if this conflict is managed effectively? Responses Scenario 4 A customer at your bar appears to have become drunk and disorderly. He is knocking over drinks, talking loudly and has begun arguing with a new staff member working next to you at the bar when she refuses to serve the customer. You notice that his behaviour is becoming increasingly threatening to customers and your fellow staff member, who is becoming frightened of the situation. 1. How might this situation escalate if you do not respond appropriately? Responses 2. What actions will you take and what resources can you use to effectively address this situation and prevent escalation? Responses 3. Which documentation do you need to complete in this instance? List 3 instances which must be recorded associated with conflict situations in a workplace and explain the reasons why this needs to occur. Responses Part B – Questions Workplace policies and protocols to deal with and manage conflict 1. Outline the common procedures and policies which could be part of a company policy regarding the requirements for reporting and management of conflict. What does this need to include? Responses 2. What are the regulatory, industrial and legislative requirements related to the handling of disputes? Responses 3. Explain the variety of communication skills which could be employed to ensure the effectiveness of dealing with conflict and conflict resolution. Responses 4. What are the procedures where conflict involves drugs, alcohol or violence? Responses 5. What should be covered in an induction program with regards to conflict situations? Responses 6. To whom (other than the HR department) should escalated conflict situations or problems be reported in an organisation? Responses 7. What is the purpose of evaluating conflict situations? Provide examples how this could be achieved effectively. 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