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Sequential Logic Structures are the most commonly used logic structures to accomplish a task with a sequence of steps. Using the example from Phase 1 of an online retail business, identify the sequential logic structure to capture the payment information.There are 2 parts to this assignment.Part 1Document the steps for the logic structure to capture the payment information. This can be done as either a flowchart or pseudocode. Be sure to include inputs, variable declarations and assignments, and outputs.The following M.U.S.E. materials may help you with this assignmentSequential Logic StructuresVariables, Constants, and Data TypesPart 2Create a data dictionary that identifies the variables. For the dictionary, be sure to include the variable name, data type, and scope of use. Complete the followingClick here to download the data dictionary template.Using the first two lines as a guide, enter all of the variables that you expect to use, define each data type, and identify the scope of each.

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