Nurse Practitioner versus Physician Assistant

Required learning activities:1.Execute a computer search for a minimum of five (5)evidenced-based peer-reviewed journal articles related to assigned topic.2.Analyze each evidenced-based article3.Review guidelines for creating an annotated bibliography (found in your syllabus).4.Create a summary (annotated bibliography for each of the five (5) evidenced-based peer-reviewed articles5.Submit the assignment as an attachment to your course instructor ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY GRADING CRITERIAELEMENTS  MAXIMUM POINTS  COMMENTS1. Relevant Research Articles IdentifiedFive [5] current nursing research; less than 5 years old; relevant to nursing 15  2. Correctly Identified Research Methodology (Included qualitative research articles and quantitative research studies and correctly named the methodology) 20  3. Described the Research Study Completely and Accurately(Each citation is followed by a brief [about 150 words] descriptive and evaluative paragraph that includes the problem statement, population, methodology, and results) 20 4. Implications for Nursing Today(Described research implications and how these research implications relate to nursing today)  15   5.Organized & Coherent(Coherent and clear summary of research study was addressed) 15 6. Preparation(References cited in appropriate APA format; organized, grammar, spelling, timely submission) 15 TOTAL:

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