Nursing Care of a Family Experiencing a Postpartum Complication

Question DescriptionAssignments, Chapter 25, Nursing Care of a Family Experiencing a Postpartum ComplicationWritten Assignments Learning Objective1. After reading the section on common deviations from the norm that may occur during puerperium, make a list of risk factors for these conditions. Then, devise a nursing tool to identify women who are at risk and interventions to minimize their chances of contracting these conditions. 12. Devise a nursing care plan for a postpartal woman who is experiencing mastitis and is not able to breastfeed or properly bond with her newborn. Be sure to include the six QSEN competencies for nurses when planning nursing interventions. 6Group Assignments Learning Objective(s)1. Make a coince of three 2020 National Health Goals that speaks directly to postpartal complications and their effect on the mother, infant, and family. Discuss the goal and how nurses can be proactive in achieving that goal. Next, devise a teaching aid based on the goal that targets women at risk. National health goals include the following:· Reducing the maternity mortality rate· Increasing the number of infants who are breastfed· Increasing the number of infants who are breastfed at 6 months 22. Brainstorm a list of nursing diagnoses and expected outcomes for the following patients:· A 1-week postpartal woman calls the OB/GYN doctor’s office because she is having perineal pain and is running a slight fever.· A postpartal woman who is still in the hospital calls the nurse to show her an increase in the amount of lochia she is experiencing.· Upon assessment of a postpartal woman, the nurse documents left calf pain. 4, 5Web Assignment Learning Objective1. Choose one of the following postpartum complications to research on the Internet:· Postpartal psychosis· Puerperal infection· Uterine atony· SubinvolutionFocus on the evidence-based nursing care that is recommended in the condition researched and write a brief report to share with the class.

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