OGG Brazil Selling Products to Jamaicas Colleges Paper

OGG Brazil Selling Products to Jamaicas Colleges Paper by ella | Mar 17, 2023 | Uncategorized DescriptionOGG Brazil selling products to Jamaica’s collegesMy group and I participating in a research program. It’s have a website called X-Cutlure everything to access it is in the pdf file. This pdf file contain brief summary of with all the structures and there is a link for video that you can watch entirely to help you our writing the assignment. However, there are three parts by the name Marketing l, Marketing ll and Marketing lll. My part is doing Marketing ll by searching on this “colleges/universities in Jamaica. Jamaica is a developing country that is located in the Caribbean. The company wouldn’t have much competition their and it would help develop the country even more buys introducing this product to students and corporate for better international experience.” All these word files are our brainstorming for you to see if it’s needed.Here is my part:Section II: MarketingReport Sections Requirements:Start each report section with short bullet-list summary of the key recommendations presented in the section (2-4 bullets, each 4-10 words long), followed by 2-5 pages of more detailed explanations and supporting arguments.Report Section 2This week, your team is expected to submit a draft of your Section 2. It does not have to be a fully finished report section. However, try to complete as much as possible. The more you complete now, the less work your team will have to do later. The drafts will not be graded by X-Culture and will not affect your chances of winning the completion (we only evaluate the final reports). However, the instructors will have access to these documents in case they would like to review your work and provide feedback.Deliverables: A few days before the deadline, you will receive an email with your personal weekly survey link. The survey will ask you to submit a draft of your Report Section 2 (the survey will contain a document upload link). Although your team is expected to develop the section draft collectively, only one team member will be asked to upload the document on behalf of the team. However, every team member will be asked to complete the rest of the progress survey (questions about how your team is doing and peer evaluations).3. Promotion ChannelsWhat is the best way to promote the product in the proposed new market? Should the product be marketed directly to end consumers, or to retailers or distributors? What are the cheap or free promotion channels that allow to reach the customers or retailers/disturbers, such as online advertisements, mailing lists, social media groups, professional associations and meetings, via bloggers or opinion leaders, industry periodicals, or similar channels that are not as expensive as TV or radio, but allow to get directly (and ethically) to the decision makers? Please note, the Client is particularly interested in the online/home shopping and social media promotion options.If applicable, provide a clear step-by-step guide for how to place an ad or distribute a message through the channels you are proposing, how much it will cost, how frequently should it be done, etc. For example, do not simply say “Advertise via Facebook”. Provide the exact steps, cost, contacts and other tips for maximum effectiveness.4. MessageWhat is the best way to convince consumers to buy the product?What should be the main message of the marketing campaign and how should it be presented?What is the best message, slogan, and other marketing campaign elements?If applicable, discuss if the brand name or its presentation should be modified to make the product more appealing to the tastes and traditions of the consumers in the new market.5. Promotional MaterialsTo interest the potential customers, your client will need to present information about its products. Illustrate your knowledge of the target consumers in your chosen new market by developing a mock-up locally-tailored marketing brochure, email or webpage template, or social media post that your client can use to promote the product. It does not need to have the perfect graphic design. It should only serve as a concept sketch for what the promo material should look like to be effective with the target market segment.Evaluation Rubrics7 – The recommended promotion channel(s) is inexpensive and allows to precisely target the potential customers, there is a clear step-by-step guide for how to place an ad there and how much it will cost, an appealing and convincing marketing brochure or ad is offered, with strong supporting arguments for each element.4 – Good suggestions, but not enough detail and weak supporting arguments, some parts are irrelevant or redundant, the formatting is inconsistent.1 – Impossible to figure out what the recommendation is, supporting arguments are absent or completely off the point, not supported by credible sources.”Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, guaranteeing you A results.”