HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT The Assignment Review, the effectiveness of policies and procedures in your organisation for – Recruitment and Selection And include recommendations, where appropriate, for improvement. Assignment Brief It is expected that your assignment will include reference to the following areas: • An analysis of any specific strategies in place to support the process, including their alignment with the overall goals of the organisation • An outline of the procedures in place and analysis of these against theory and good practice • The key players in the process • The training provided to staff involved in the process and the degree to which this is effective • Recommendations for improvement with reference to theory and good practice What you will need to submit: A 2500 word report which outlines the research that you undertook and your main findings, conclusions (including acknowledgement of strengths, weaknesses and issues ) and recommendations for improvement. Pass mark: 40% FOUNDATION DEGREE BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL ADMINISTRATION HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT II Name No. Mark available Mark awarded Comments Organisational background Exec Summary Introduction 5 Research Relevant literature Reference to appropriate theories/models Appropriate appendices 15 Analysis of Key Themes For the chosen area of policy & procedure Outline of the procedures in place and comparison against theory and good practice Analysis of how strategies align with the goals of the organisation Key players in the process Training provided to key players and degree to which it is effective 25 Conclusions Strengths and weaknesses of the current policies and practice Key issues to be resolved 20 Recommendations Practical, relevant and realistic recommendations for improvement 20 Presentation Clarity of style and structure 15 Signed: CHECKLIST FOR HRM MODULE OF FOUNDATION DEGREE IN BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL ADMINISTRATION This checklist has been designed for you to use before you hand in your assignment. You should work through it and make sure that you can answer “YES” to all of the questions. If you cannot – make sure you add what is missing! Requirement of the brief Included in your assignment? Comments Executive summary – does this stand alone and summarise the WHOLE report? Introduction – that sets out what the report is about and how it is structured? Brief background to the organisation and how this impacts on R&S (include comment on the strategic position of the org, – growth, stability or retrenchment) Analysis of current R&S procedures and policies against best practice – include diversity and legislation Statement regarding the key players in the process and the impact this has on it –are the line managers solely responsible, is it all HR led, do the two work in partnership and what impact does this have on the organisation and the process? What training do they receive? Conclusions – what can you conclude from the analysis? What are the main themes – speed, lack of key documents, poor communication between HR and the depts., etc, etc Recommendations – what can you recommend to address these issues? You will needdetail here. Say what and how. Presentation – Is your report broken down into clear sections with headings and sub-headings? Have you proof read it? Forwards for sense and backwards for spelling? Have you checked thegrammar? Are there commas and full stops and capital letters where there should be and none where there should not be? Are the pages numbered and isyour name on each one? If you have used references and quotes in the text – have you used Harvard referencingcorrectly to acknowledge them? Is your bibliography clearly set out and does it follow the Harvard rules?

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