Org/535 week 4 apply: recruitment | ORG/535 | University of Phoenix

 This internship is turning into a great hands-on learning opportunity for you. Your manager has tasked you with proposing a talent management plan for pilots at Southwest Airlines. Your proposal will be considered by the Director of HR to make a formal plan.Develop a 3- to 4-page (1100- 1300-word) proposal that include the following:A recommendation of 3 recruitment sources that are best suited to recruit pilots. Consider the quantity of resumes generated, the percentage of resumes likely to result in accepted offers, the time to fill a position, and the cost to fill a position.An evaluation of common methods used to select a candidateRecommend 3 methods for selecting new pilots.In your evaluation, consider reliability, validity, utility, and legality.An evaluation of common methods used to train and develop employeesRecommend 3 methods for training pilots at Southwest Airlines. Consider learning and development outcomes, cost of training and development, effectiveness of training and development, and risks.An evaluation of common performance management systemsRecommend 1 method for performance management of pilots at Southwest Airlines. Consider strategic congruence, validity,reliability, acceptability, and specificity.An evaluation of common methods to minimize voluntary turnoverRecommend 1 approach to retain pilots at Southwest Airlines. Consider methods for retaining employees, meeting pilot needs, and cost.Include at least 4 references, cite all sources.