P.A.T.C.H. Assessment Scale

Question DescriptionTHE TEST WAS TAKEN AND THE RESULTS ARE:This quiz opened at Saturday, 7 April 2012, 05:55 AMSummary of your previous attemptsCompletedMarks / 50.0Grade / 100.0ReviewMonday, 11 February 2019, 04:25 AM48.096.0Not permittedNo more attempts are allowedYour final grade for this quiz is 96.0/100.0.No more attempts are allowedATTACHED ARE TWO FILES:1) RESULTS OF THE TEST ARE IN DOCUMENT (JREBOLLEDO_PATCH.docx) IT SHOWS QUESTIONS ASKED AND QUESTIONS ANSWERED.2) THE DOCUMENT (PATCHv3(1).docx HAS:a. NURSING INFORMATICS COMPETENCIES SELF-ASSESSMENT AND PLAN OF ACTIONb. NURSING INFORMATICS COMPETENCIES GOALS (1-5)c. WRITTEN SUMMARY

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