Paper/Scholarly Article Review and Sharing

I’m trying to study for my Management course and I need some help to understand this question. Prepare a minimum of three-page APA paper. This paper will include summaries of the articles,highlighting the key study and results, and relate the articles to the course’s textbook (or what we have learned in class). First paper topic: Organizational Change.Obtain three (3) articles from Online Library (the content must be at least three pages in length) I HAVE THE 3 ARTICLESIncorporate APA citations and reference list (min 3 scholarly articles and the textbook).Develop three (3) brief questions to stimulate discussion of the key points.Provide brief answers to the questions.Submit copies of summary, questions, and answers to the instructor.Share a brief and informal summary of your research with the class.Content: thorough summary of all the articles and textbooks, seamlessly combined (4)Accuracy of Facts/Citation/Reference List: using APA, all supportive facts are reported accurately and appropriately cited or paraphrased. All citations were in reference list per APA (2)Amount of information: min 4 pages of main content utilizing 3 articles and textbook, 3 brief questions and 3 brief answers (2)Writing: using APA, formatted correctly with minimal grammatical errors (2)