Patient centered care

Question DescriptionPatient centered care is not about the patient single handedly making non-supported healthcare decisions, but rather involvement of the patient (and family) in doing what is best medical practice and what is best for the patient. After viewing the PowerPoint “Patient centered care,” search the IHI for at least one article and one IHI presentation on patient and family centered care. Compare the concepts in all three mediums (the PowerPoint, IHI article and presentation) in regards to content, learning and how those concepts can be applied to a patient setting.Requirements for organization and presentation of each paper:• Expected length: two pages, double spaced, Ariel font size 12, one inch margins,• Title page (no abstract needed)• Use your textbook AND an additional source from the NAU library• Summarize your research; do not copy word for word from the book, the internet, or any other source (plagiarism policies will be enforced).• Include a reference page at the end of your essay. Properly cite and reference all sources using proper APA format.SEARCH the IHI websiteNAU library source attached – PDF Full TextSource: Journal of Health & Human Services AdministrationDate: June 1, 2018

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