Perception | Psychology homework help

Complete and answer the following in your 1 to 2 paragraph response:Think of a field, job, or activity that depends heavily on perceiving your environment. It could be a situation in which perception can be used to lead to surprising effects or where errors can lead to terrible mistakes.Note: everything we interact with requires perceiving it, but I’m asking about a situation in which perception is a very important and a main part of the job or activity.Describe the distal stimulus being perceived by people in this field, job, or activity.Why is perception important to this particular field, job, or activity you are describing? Things you could consider (you don’t have to answer each question, these are here to help you think):Do errors in perception lead to big mistakes?Are errors in perception encouraged or necessary for the experience?How is Top-Down & Bottom-Up processing being used?Is this situation prone to any of the perceptual mistakes described in the chapter (e.g., change blindness and inattentional blindness)?What things potentially affect what is or is not perceived? Does this pose a risk or is it beneficial?Hint: try to talk about something you know well enough or could research well enough to explain. You want your reply to be thoughtful and make connections others may have never noticed.Note: You cannot talk about magic or magicians because that is the example I use below. Sorry!