Please write a paragraph with your opinion based on nurses or nursing profession

Question DescriptionPlease write a paragraph with your opinion based on the text bellow. Please include citations and references in case you need to used for the question.In many movies and feature films, nurses or nursing profession is a part of their theme. In many of them are stereotyped the nurses as obedient to doctors or other male-dominated professionals. Many of the films depicted as nurses are from needy families, and they chose the nursing profession because of their poverty. The scriptwriter does not show, or he is unknown about the leadership role, critical thinking capability and clinical judgment of nurses. It is just the stereotype thought process of the scriptwriter. It is not forgetful that the influence of media on the public. So we need to put forward some documentary/ featured film to shows the qualities and importance of nurses and nursing profession in the health care system and give publicity via Facebook, YouTube or show this via the emergency/ clinic waiting room television.The blog writing or through twitter is another media nurses can use to express them self to improve the social awareness of the public about the importance of the nursing profession. More than these media, people get to know what is a nurse by the experience they receive when they or their loved ones hospitalized. Nurses can show the dignity by providing holistic care; as a result, word spreading by the customer itself is an excellent media to show the nobility of nursing profession.

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