Prepare next year’s financial plan and operational budget to cater for health care.

QUESTIONHealth Care ManagementPrepare next year’s financial plan and operational budget.Note: Keep in mind that the budget you created for your Phase 2 Individual Project did not take into account the growth of the new facility. The CEO has asked that you expand that budget and provide a finalized budget that will take into account the new services offered. The CEO has stated that there is $3 million that you can incorporate into the budget for additional staffing, services, maintenance, and so forth.Make sure the budget reflects the following:Increase in revenue reimbursementAllocation for the proposed improvementsIncrease in salariesBe sure to discuss the following areas:Funding sourcesYour methodology in revenue forecastingHow the new services will impact revenueFixed and variable costsProject inpatient and outpatient visits based on current trendsKey Assignment InstructionsCreate a PowerPoint presentation of 7–10 slides (with speaker notes of 200–250 words for each slide, excluding the title and reference slides) that will be presented to the general meeting of directors.

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