Question DescriptionPROFESSIONAL NURSING PORTFOLIOA. Complete the following:1. Create a professional mission statement for a BSN level nursing (suggested length of 1 paragraph) that includes the following:● representation of your career goals, your aspirations, and how you want to move forward with your career● overview of where you would like to focus your time and energies within the professiona. Reflect on how your professional mission statement will help guide you throughout your nursing career.2. Complete a professional summary (suggested length of 3–4 pages) that includes the following:a. Explain how the specific artifacts or completed work or both in your portfolio represent you as a learner and a healthcare professional.b. Discuss how the specific artifacts in your portfolio represent your professional strengths.c. Discuss challenges you encountered during the progression of your program.i. Explain how you overcame these challenges.d. Explain how your coursework helped you meet each of the nine nursing program outcomes.Note: Refer to the attachment below titled “Nursing Conceptual Model.”e. Analyze how you fulfilled the following roles during your program:• scientist• detective• manager of the healing environmentf. Discuss how you have grown professionally since the beginning of your program.

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