Project leadership-Need in 10 hours

Week 4 Discussion 1“Channeling Motivation”  Please respond to the following:Describe two situations from your past work experience in which you determined that a team was the best potential solution to a problem, a needed process improvement, or a planned change. Provide specific examples to support your response.Construct an argument for whether or not setting project plans is the responsibility of the project leader or of the team. Support your rationale with two specific examples. Week 4 Discussion 2“Team Temperaments”  Please respond to the following:According to the Kloppenborg et al course text, there are certain patterns that fit the different temperaments. For example: Guardians are defenders and organizers; Idealists are motivated to be helpers; Artisans love mastering techniques; and Rationales are drawn to innovating. Analyze your abilities in light of the four temperaments, and construct an argument in which you as a project leader would handle having four  team members with four different, distinct temperaments on your team. Support your response with two examples.Analyze your current work (or past work) environment through the lens of the project manager of a team that is struggling and failing. Recommend three strategies that you, as a leader, would implement to determine the reasons for the struggles or outright failure of your project team. Provide specific examples to support your response.

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