Provide an overview of the chosen client’s chronic condition/illness

QUESTIONAssignment-2000 words strictlyTASK: Instructions:For this assignment, you are required to choose one (1) client scenario from the two options given below and address the following criteria:Provide an overview of the chosen client’s chronic condition/illness;Describe two (2) actual and/or potential health concerns for the client;Identify two (2) appropriate topics for client education (one topic for each health concern). Explain how each topic addresses the actual and/or potential health concern for the client and how each topic will assist the client to self-manage their chronic condition and optimise their health;Describe two (2) specific, appropriate client education strategies that the Registered Nurse would use to teach the chosen education topics (one strategy for each topic). Include details of how the education will be structured and delivered (i.e. method/tool used, setting for education, participants to be involved, etc).Justify your choice of education strategies for this particular client.NOTE:●  Ensure you use a client /patient-centred and/or family-centred approach that optimises individual self-management and promotes active participation of the individual and family in illness management.●  You must support all sections of your essay with scholarly literature from the past 10 years. 

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