Psychology Exercise….

This exercise must contain ORIGINAL writing & thought, no filler and just piling on sentences from the cited sources. Exercises are to be written in an ESSAY format which includes an introductory and conclusion paragraph.  DO NOT answer in a question and answer format.  Your introduction should describe the purpose of the paper.  The conclusion should summarize your findings or explain what you have learned. Introduction and conclusion paragraphs are not the answer to the first and last question given in the assignment sheet.  There is a 20 point penalty for failure to use essay format. Papers should be a minimum of 3 pages in length.  There is no set maximum, but papers are rarely longer than 5 pages.  Papers that are not 3 pages in length are NOT detailed enough to receive full credit.  Double-space the paper in a 12-point Times New Roman font using 1 inch margins on all sides.  Avoid using page length “cheats” like large margins, headers with a lot of information or too much spacing, and 2 ½ spacing.   There is no penalty for exceeding the page limit.  Paraphrased information and direct quotes must have an in-text citation and reference listing using APA format  ((Also remember that papers containing more than three direct quotes (sentences and phrases) from sources other than the case study will receive a grade of 0.))

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