Public Key Infrastructure

Public Key InfrastructureMarch 5, 2020/in Uncategorized /by adminExplain  what PKI is.  Note:  don’t just state that PKI is cryptography.   Explain how the public and private key pair works.  How does PKI can be  used in an online contract to support Authenticity and  Nonrepudiation.  Explain how the public and private key makes  authenticity verifiable and enables nonrepudiation.Answer  the question with a short paragraph, between 150 and 250 words.   Brevity is a virtue.  That is why you are limited to 250 words.  If you  can’t present your hypothesis in 250 words or less then it is too  complicated.   Remember that when you state a fact if you don’t provide a  reference, it is not a fact but rather an opinion.You  can type your response in Word and use the word count button to see how  many words you have typed.  Do not include the references in your word  count.  No headings or title page, etc. Get Your Custom Essay Written From Scratch We have worked on a similar problem. If you need help click order now button and submit your assignment instructions. Just from $13/Page Order Now