Question -mngt 361 404 leadership & management fall 2015 ch 13 quiz

 Question Score: 0 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)Fred Hassan advised leaders who want to bring about change to be authentic, that is, real. Which of these is an example of this quality?(a) There is theft going on in a warehouse, and the supervisor confronts the person she suspects in front of the other employees(b) A boss strives to establish a customer service culture(c) An executive gives bonuses to his top salespersons(d) A junior executive closes a deal his boss has been working on for months(e)  A manager pitches in and helps when one of his staff is absentQuestion Score:  1 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)Philip notices that employees of the South Korean company he is working with bow when they greet each other. Philip also begins to bow to those he meets. What is Philip displaying?(a) Slow empathy(b) Keeping the sacred centre intact(c) Cognitive cultural intelligence(d) Physical cultural intelligence(e) Leadership in culture change    Question Score:  0 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)Selma is 57 year old and uses a wheelchair. She works as an architect for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Recently, the government wanted to replace Selma with a new employee that would that work for less money. Which of these protects Selma in this situation?(a) The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act(b) Workforce Investment Act(c) Executive Order 13166(d) Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay act(e) Age Discrimination in Employment ActQuestion Score:  1 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)Jonathan works at Citgo Economic Solutions as a researcher. His behavior at work and his interactions with other employees are sometimes affected by the fact that he does not like his job very much. For some time, Jonathan has let the fact that he dislikes his job affect the quality of his work as well as his relationships with his co-workers. Which of the following BEST describes Jonathan situation at works?(a) Jonathan finds fault with his coworkers culture(b) Jonathan has let his dissatisfaction with his job negatively affect his attitude(c) Jonathan finds fault with his coworkers’ mores(d)   Jonathan finds fault with his coworkers’ norms(e) Jonathan finds fault with his coworkers’ folkways.Question Score:  1 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)When Harold Forsythe walked right to the front of the line at the supermarket, cutting ahead of those who has been patiently waiting, those who had been waiting gasped in astonishment-They couldn’t believe that Harold had violated what they assumed everyone knew to be part of society’s_______.(a) Values(b) Folkways(c) Cultural norms(d) Cultural mores(e) Attitudes Question Score:  0 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)Priscilla is hoping to get a contract from a company run by Hounda. Hounda is naturalized American citizen from Iran and is a Muslim. What should Priscilla consider when negotiating with Houda?(a) Current innovations(b) Cultural leadership(c) Ethics(d) Subculture(e) LanguageQuestion Score:  1 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)The relationship between organizational culture and organizational performance can be measured by what?(a) The competing values framework(b) Sacred symbols(c) Hofstede’s Dimensions of Culture(d)  Attitudes and norms(e) The GLOBE chart Question Score:  0 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)Ralph is investigating new materials for his manufacturing process that produce 50% less waste than the materials the currently uses. What kind of organizational culture does Ralph’s company have?(a) Service-oriented(b) Innovative(c) Sustainable(d) Diverse(e) EthicalQuestion Score:  1 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)People must understand their own and others cultures in order to work together effectively. Why this is is this statement true?(a) Culture guides people’s behavior(b) Business leaders need to take cultures and diversity seriously(c) Business is increasingly done globally(d) A strong organizational culture must combine different national cultures(e) Employees within a single organization have different needs and habits Question Score:  0 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)Mack’s argument relies upon which of the following assumptions?(a) Business culture similarities supersede national cultural differences(b) Denni’s research on the Mexican company’s business culture is flawed(c) Managers who do not understand worker’s culture will be at odds with them(d) Mexican workers resent  having to work for non-Mexican managers(e) A high level of respect for deadlines does not amount to actual business cultureQuestion Score:  1 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)Mack and Dennis are managers at an American chemical supply company that is considering purchasing a Mexican chemical firm. Mack opposes the purchase. “ Our company has never done business in Mexico, “ he argues. We don’t understand Mexico’s national customs, religious beliefs, or social mores. American management will be at odds with Mexican workers, resulting in low productivity. “Dennis disagrees. “I’ve done some research on this company, “ he notes. “The company’s business culture is very similar to our own. Both of our companies, for instance, place an especially high importance on meeting deadlines. Business culture similarities will allow our relationship to flourish.”Which of the following is the point at issue between Mack and Dennis?(a) Will cultural differences between Mexico and the United States cause the purchase to fail?(b)  Can a company’s business culture be separated entirely from its workers national culture?(c) Will productivity suffer if workers feel they are culturally at odds with foreign managers?(d) Does the Mexican firm actually share a business culture with Mack and Denni’s firm?(e) Should companies purchase other firms without any knowledge of cultural differences?Question Score:  0 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)Which of the following statements is an accurate definition of the term” culture” ?(a) Culture is defined as explicit values that are preferred by an organization and communicated deliberately to the organization’s members(b) Culture is defined as interrelated ideas, Values, beliefs, and feelings that predispose a person to react to a thing, a situation, another person, or a group in a certain way.(c)   Culture is defined as internalized standards for behavior that support agreed-upon ways of doing things and what people expect of one another within a group(d) Culture is defined as things, people and events that are untouchable and unquestionable(e) Culture is defined as everything that the people in as society have learned and shared through traditions, passed on to children, and taught to new membersQuestion Score:  1 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)An Hr manager wants to be an equal opportunity employer. He has one position open and a qualified woman applies for it. Unfortunately, the job involves dealing with a culture in which women are not highly valued. How can he make a wise business decision without appearing prejudiced?(a) Give the woman a letter of introduction to another company(b) Explain to the woman why he cannot hire her(c) Hire the woman anyway(d)  Refuse to hire her and give no explanation(e) Ask the people she will be dealing with if they will accept her.Question Score:  0 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)Which of the following, if true, most supports Mack’s argument?(a) Mexican culture is more similar to U.S. culture than it is to Chinese culture.(b)   Twenty percent of the Mexican population is qualified to work at a chemical supply firm(c) Companies throughout the world have found success buying Mexican firms(d) It is generally easy for companies to alter business cultures in acquired firms(e) Many Mexicans are nationalistic and work best under Mexican LeadersQuestion Score:  0 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)Which of these is an example of an American more?(a) Monogamy(b) Good manners(c) Valuing education(d) Diversity(e) Close conversational distanceQuestion Score:  0 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)The male employees at Mike’s business wear jeans and T-shirts to work. When he goes to an appointment at Lenore’s company, all the men are wearing suits and ties. According to the Schein pyramid, what has Mike discovered?(a) An observable artefact(b) Embodied values(c) Core beliefs(d)    Espoused values(e) TaboosQuestion Score:  0 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)Which of the following statements about “ mores “ is true?(a) Mores are like guidelines and are not strict social rules(b) Mores are universally accepted in all societies(c) Mores seldom revolve around core business practices and ethics(d) Mores refer to the exceptions to conventions of everyday life(e) Mores are norms that are central to the functioning of society of a group  Question Score:  0 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)According to the GLOBE chart, which of these countries is low on assertiveness?(a) France(b) Spain(c) South Korea(d) The United States(e) JapanQuestion Score:  0 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)Which of the following is NOT true pertaining to “culture and diversity in a global world” ?(a) Leaders and companies today take culture and diversity seriously(b) People must understand their own and others’ cultures in order to work together effectively(c) Organizations employ a multicultural workforce and also do business outside their home countries(d) People from different cultures often have different ways of expressing their values(e) Global business across cultural frontiers pertains to companies with a large full –time workforce Question Score:  1 of 1 pt      Test Score: 40% (8 of 20 pts)Dynamic inquiry and appreciative inquiry are both part of what?(a) Ideology(b) Taboos(c) Socialization(d) Jargon(e) Ethnography