Re-write, improve and enhance my essay. (Please read description before messaging me)

Please only attempt to help me if you have a good set of writing skills and profound in English. I will provide you with an essay (look at attached file).  1. The attached essay is 100% plagiarised. I would need the writer to re-write the essay so that when i turnitin, it has 0% plagiarism.  2. This essay is short of references. Please put in 5 more references if you can. Otherwise, at least 3. Journal articles preferred. (If you do not know what are journal articles, i suggest you don’t attempt to write for me) 3. Enhance the essay. This essay is a Credit grade. Enhance and improvise it such that it is a better version. Basically, i just want a better version of this. You can of course add in more RELEVANT information.   

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