READING REPORTS (see also workshops in class one and two and related handouts)

READING REPORTS (see also workshops in class one and two and related handouts)

            Each week in which there are Readings, you must prepare a report upon them, due in class.  Each individual reading gets up to ½ page typed double-spaced or equivalent of no less than 3 and no more than 4 major ideas and points you are taking from the paper.  The other half of the page is your written questions, comments, and opinions, issues you will raise during the discussion of the readings.

            Every reading report will be handed in and credited, but after approximately three weeks of full feedback, only grades will be given, not extensive notes.  If you’re still having problems with reading reports, please arrange to speak with the instructor.  Sooner is better than later.

            Evaluation:  I’m looking for a clear, concise statement of main ideas, arguments, and concepts, and some indication that you have thought carefully about the reading and some of its implications.

            Length:  maximum 1 p. typed, double spaced, 12 point font, one inch margins PER CHAPTER.  Your full reading report will normally be TWO pages. 

How to do article main points and comments; academic writing in 10 easy steps:

1.  Identify what kind of reading it is.

2.  Go through the reading.  Write down the title.  Write each of the subheads on your word processing file.

Then you begin reading BUT:

3.  First, read the first paragraph (or the introductory section).

4.  Second, read the last paragraph (or the concluding section).

5.  Then, and only then, start at the beginning again. 

6.  Highlight or write under the subhead significant ideas AND reminders re comments, talk back.

Now you’re ready for your first draft of your main points


7.  No more than one important idea per subhead, ideally in your own words, though quotation is permitted.  If you’re quoting, PAGE NUMBERS ALWAYS!

Editing time: 

8.  Are there ideas that are repeated?  Is it clear?  Re-read the instructions in the syllabus.

Now you’re ready for the first draft of your COMMENTS

9.  Go back to your reminders re comments, talk back.  Explain them.  Re-read the instructions in the syllabus to make sure you’ve done what’s required.

10.  Make your final copy.  Proofread it.  Print it.  Hand it in.  Await the excellent mark.