Research on women’s health issues such as: Birth Control

QUESTIONnursing womens healthPolitical, Social, and Sociocultural Influences on Women’s Health. wk 1 discussion.As an advanced practice nurse, you must remain current on health issues that commonly impact women such as birth control, abortion, family planning, the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Many of these women’s health issues are heavily influenced by political, social, and sociocultural factors. These influences might not only affect a woman’s ability or desire to receive care, but also a provider’s ability or willingness to offer care. How might political, social, and sociocultural factors influence your personal perceptions of these women’s health issues?To prepare: THIS IS A DISCUSSION. COURSE IS WOMEN’S HEALTH / OBGYNAS USUAL: Write one & half page with 5-6 references.·         Research on women’s health issues such as: Birth Control·         Consider the impact of political, social, and sociocultural factors on Birth Control·         Reflect on how the personal perceptions of providers might influence their ability or willingness to care for women in relation to this issue.·         AS USUAL: Write one & half page with 5-6 references.·         APA FORMART, NO PLAGIARISM, sources from SCHOLARELY WRITTEN ARTICLE.

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