Revise an essay about Superhero Film & Contemporary Culture

I’m studying for my Writing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study? You wrote the draft for me before, I have 5 pages now, I need you to help me to write 2-3 pages. I have provided you with the previous draft, and the last page is the feedback given by other students.Essays will be developed through discussion boards, brainstorming, drafting, and peer reviewing. Topics are fairly open, but must demonstrate critical analysis focused on the course material, including a sharp thesis and organized and detailed supporting paragraphs.Now, You will extend for a 7-8 page final course essay following peer review and instructor feedback.Helpful hints for writing about film: Since much of your writing will engage with film, use time markers for in-text citations, whether you are quoting lines, or paraphrasing a specific scene (Title of the Film Hour:Min), e.g., (Wonder Woman 1:23). Because you will need to use direct quotes and/or scenes from the films as a basis for analysis, I suggest that you watch the film with subtitles on so you can write down the exact quote.