SOC 321 Methods Of Social Research I: Quantitative Research

SOC 321 Methods Of Social Research I: Quantitative ResearchMarch 3, 2020/in Uncategorized /by adminSPSS Lab #2 Directions:Using the three variables that you selected in Module 2, build a series of graphs and tables.You should provide one graph and one table for each variable, making sure to use the appropriate type of graph depending on the type of variable you selected.Make sure to number each illustration, and give them all a title.Below each, write a paragraph (about 7 or 8 lines) describing the information it contains, using Writing Box 6.1 in your textbook as an example.Include an explanation of why you chose each type of graph, for all three. SPSS Statistics Software PC v24PC – 7f4804b6307344a02769 Get Your Custom Essay Written From Scratch We have worked on a similar problem. If you need help click order now button and submit your assignment instructions. Just from $13/Page Order Now