Statement of Purpose Admission Essay for a University!

I NEED A “STATEMENT OF PURPOSE” FOR A UNIVERSITY APPLICATION! PLEASE FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES BELOW CAREFULLY! I ALSO WILL POST MY RESUME FOR YOUR INFORMATION! “Without a doubt this essay is a very important task for you to accomplish. Be sure that in your letter to the review committee you touch on some essential information to show that you are qualified, prepared, and know where you are headed. Try to address these 5 elements and incorporate them in your essay; 1.-       Your long- and short-term goals. Answer= My long term goal is to build my career in the healthcare administrative field, using my knowledge and make a difference in my community locally and internationally, I would like to be a strong leader; for my short term goals I would like to be part of organizations like the United Nations or Unicef and reach out those communities in need of a strong healthcare administrative support. 2.-       Your relevant past experience. Answer= Participated in work (employer back) food drives and fund raising for needy families in the inmmediate surrounding area. I used to be heavily involved as a volunteer in the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of the Orlando metro area. I worked as a Adminstrator Assistant in the past. 3.-       An assessment of your strengths and the gaps in your experience/education. Answer= (please review my resume and gather information from there and type down my Strengths and for any gaps please fill out the nessesary reason you might think!) 4.-       How an MBA in Healthcare rather than a regular MBA will bridge your past and future and fill in those gaps. We do not want the review committee to feel that your needs would be equally well service by a regular MBA from another school instead of their Healthcare MBA. Answer=The MBA in healthcare because that is what I am planning to do the rest of my life and it is the foundation of my career, and MBA is too general and so I rather fall into what I know is my passion and my strenght which is MBA in Healthcare Administration… (please fill out more if you think is nessesary)!  5.-       Why this particular MBA program is a good match for your needs Answer= Because first allows me to keep working while I am in school, the George Washington University MBA Healthcare administration program has the structure I been looking for and the school recognizion like any other. (Please add more stuff into this that fits the description) ——————————————————————————————————It would not be a huge problem if you exceeded your letter by a few more sentences.”

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