Subway Sandwich Shops Case Discussion

Subway Sandwich Shops Case Discussion by ella | Mar 17, 2023 | Uncategorized DescriptionAttached file is a shortened version of an actual situation that Subway found itself in during the 1990s. But it is still relevant today. In fact if you are familiar with Subway’s current promotions, you should be able to glean that the source of it goes back to this research and Subway situation. Although Subway’s current situation might give some insight about the case, please use and make recommendations based on the facts provided in the case at the time. If you were given this situation back then, what would your suggested answers, solution recommendations be to the case questions.Requirements: 2 pages (single spaced), in-text citation and reference page. Key is what segment do you recommend Subway pursue (using data from the tables)? What products/features to highlight in an ad? And what is the promotion message that can set Subway apart from the competition? In other words, what will you say in an advertisement to potential subway customers to make them want to go to Subway rather than a competitor? Remember to think about, from the case, what the market seems to want in a meal. Lastly, add an overview of a promotion campaign using the promotion mix 4 (Sales Promotions, Advertising, Public Relations and Direct Marketing). “Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, guaranteeing you A results.”