Team-Building and Communications

Question DescriptionOne more thing Please…..Team-Building and CommunicationsIn this scenario, everyone in class works for CommonGood Health Care, a community-based health care campus comprised of a health care clinic, hospital, skilled nursing facility, assisted living facility, Alzheimer’s House, and an inpatient chemical dependency facility.As you can imagine, the CEO receives numerous requests, oftentimes financial, from facility directors and department managers. Some of the most common requests include: The nursing department always wants the latest and greatest equipmentThe dietary department keeps asking money for new utensilsThe maintenance department is always running out of toolsThe business office wants money to update the billing systemThe chemical dependency facility wants its own exercise facilityThe quality assurance department keeps asking money for trainingThe Alzheimer’s House keeps requesting money for games and activitiesIn this scenario, you are a facility director (Clinic Director, Hospital Administrator, Nursing Home Administrator, Assisted Living Executive Director, Alzheimer’s House Manager, or Licensed Alcohol and Dependency Counselor) or a department manager (Maintenance Director, Social Service Director, Activities Director, Nursing Director, etc.) asking for money from your CEO for a legitimate expense within your department.You can either use one of the examples above or create one of your own. The request should be a legitimate expense for a proposed purchase or initiative that you believe will benefit the department and the organization.In your initial reply, develop an email to the CEO of CommonGood Health Care asking for the funding you desire for your department/facility. Be sure to substantiate your expenses and the legitimate reasoning for the request. This is your opportunity to persuade your executive leader to support your initiative.Responses to Others:You are required to reply to one of your classmates as a fellow coworker and support their initiative (and their request for financial support).Likewise, you are also required to reply to one of your classmates as a fellow coworker and politely refute their initiative (and their request for financial support).

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