Texts and Traditions, Spring 2019

Texts and Traditions, Spring 2019 ESSAY TOPICS1200 – 1600 words 40% Value DUE BEFORE: Tuesday September 24, 4 PM READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST: *The deadline has date been extended from the Learning Guide date – now 24th September. *Choose ONE of the topics and write an essay responding to it. You do not need to research and use secondary material, but you may if you wish – BUT only as explained below. There is no inherent advantage or additional marks for choosing to research and use secondary material, but it may help some students write a better response. *The secondary research texts you may use are limited to those placed in the Essay Research Folder, which is in the Assessment folder on vUWS. No other research materials are allowed for this essay. You should reference and list in a bibliography any research material you use. No material from the internet is allowed. Do not read or research from the web for this assignment. Again – these assignments are for you to practice your writing *You do need to show evidence of your reading and understanding of the primary text mentioned in the topic. *Reference quotations and paraphrasing properly. List the text at the end of the essay For these essays, the two primary texts are Jean-Jacques Rousseau, ‘Fifth Walk’ and Marx and Engels, The Communist Manifesto. Both are in the unit Reader. Do not over-quote in order to fill up the essay. No more than about a quarter of your essay should be quotations, but probably much less. *See the criteria as listed in the unit Learning guide if you want more details about what is important for the essay, but, the essential task for this assignment is to show comprehension of the primary material, and then your own argument (or ‘thesis’) in response to the topic. Note how the topics ask for what you think. You must state your argument in a sentence or two (no more) in your essay introduction, and then support that argument through the essay.CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:Write an essay explaining what you think about the following statement: “Rousseau in ‘Fifth Walk’ describes using nature to help create his own type of happiness, and yet, importantly, he knows that nature cannot be used like something merely convenient, like a set of tools; nature is much more than this to create happiness for him.” “We should understand ‘Fifth Walk’ as Rousseau writing a memoire to reveal to readers his own particular sense of personal freedom.” Either agree or disagree with this statement, and then explain your view using evidence from the reading.Marx says in The Communist Manifesto that history shows the role of the bourgeoisie to have been revolutionary, and that another revolution is coming: explain what aspects of the Communist Manifesto you think were aiming to inspire those reading it to be revolutionary, and explain why these aspects might have been effectively inspirational.Write an essay explaining to what extent you think Marx in The Communist Manifesto was arguing that emerging capitalism was also destructive of stable social life for many people. Try to be precise about which groups of people, what ‘stability’ we should consider etc.Essay Hints and Advice below …*Make sure you understand all the words in your chosen topic, and what the question asks for. Tutorials are important for clarifying further. *The topics might read as difficult at first, but they should give you plenty to write about.Format: 12-point font and double spacing are required. Leave decent margins around your text.*Type your name and student number, and the question you are answering on the top of page 1 of your assignment.*You submit the assignment ONCE to Turnitin, when it is finished. DO NOT try to submit through Turnitin multiple times; it won’t work.Answer the question – don’t just repeat or summarize the text you are discussing. We always ask whether the student is answering the question when marking*Proofread and edit your work. Look for grammar and punctuation mistakes, and fix them as much as possible.*Include a Bibliography at the end, even if you just write about one primary text. Use the same rules as for the portfolio task.The post Texts and Traditions, Spring 2019 appeared first on Versed Writers.