The Dino Illusion 

The Dino Illusion 

There are three steps involved in this week’s discussion activity: 

Step 1: Using the instructional video and Dino PDF below, create your Dino. You will need scissors and tape.

Dino PDF 

Instructional video:

Step 2: Take a photo  and/ or video of your Dino doing something over the week/weekend. Your photo/video should be uploaded with your discussion post. 

Step 3: Discuss why you think the Dino illusion happens. Your textbook and the resources below may be helpful here, but please use your own words! Your post should be at least 150-300 words, and include at least one APA in text citation. Don’t forget to include a picture or video of your Dino (and a brief description of what your Dino is doing) with your post. 

Dino Illusion articles: