The final assignment for Workplace communications is an analytical report.   The report will be in the memo format and be on the same topic as the persuasive presentation. 

Report Assignment

Due:  Week 10

Assessment: 15% of Final Grade

The final assignment for Workplace communications is an analytical report.   The report will be in the memo format and be on the same topic as the persuasive presentation. 

The scenario is as follows:

Now that you’ve completed your persuasive presentation, you’ve been asked to submit a report to support your recommendations. You will provide this information to your audience in a memo style report.

You may use the content from your presentation, but the report should build on this information, providing additional research to support why the action (s) that you’re recommending is so important.

Reminder: The analytical report is to be conducted on the same topic that your presentation.

  1. Your analytical report will:
  1. Clearly state the problem that you would like to resolve (this will be the issues or elements that you’ve investigated)
    1. Open with what you want (purpose of the analytical report). This could be a change that you would like to see occur or an action that you would like the audience to make.
    1. Incorporate secondary data (at least academic sources) to support your argument.
    1. Follow up with a minimum of 10 reasons and the supporting analyses to persuade your audience on why they should make the suggested change.  The analysis will explain how the finding connects to either the problem, or recommendation.
  2. Provide your recommendations ( a minimum of 2) What do you want your audience to do?
  3. Reference all information from course materials and any other information you include.
  4. See the Evaluation Sheet for details on how your assignment will be graded.
  5. APA formatting should be used throughout the report (both in text and reference page)
  • Check your analytical report for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and format

Learning Objective:

  1. Analyze diverse audiences to prepare effective communication.
  2. Compose messages incorporating research to provide information or to persuade, for a variety of situations.
  3. Formulate appropriate and environmentally sensitive communication strategies.

Grading Rubric

Requirement8-10 Marks6-7 Marks0-5 Marks
Report FormatIncludes statement of purpose, at least 2 recommendations and follows the memo format: To: From: Subject: Date: Includes headingsFollows format with 1 or more errorsFollows format with 2 or more errors
Spelling, Grammar, PunctuationNo errors1-3 errors4 or more errors
IntroductionIntroduces the problem/challenge and the audience that you are addressing Purpose of your report is clear  Partially introduces the problem or challenge -one or more components is missingThe problem or challenge is unclear, audience is not indicated,
Findings and Analyses10 clear findings with the supporting analyses (why these findings are relevant to your argument), sourced using APA formatting  Findings and analyses were provided, but other there was not enough evidence or the connection to the recommendations is unclear, sourced using APA formattingLittle to no details
Recommendations2 clear recommendations  1 clear recommendationRecommendations were unclear or missing
Secondary dataUsed at least three credible sources, APA formatting is used throughout paperUsed at least one credible source, APA formatting is partially usedZero credible sources or failed to use APA formatting