The impact of multi-drug resistant Gram-negative infections on public health.

Title of SECOND assighnment – ‘The impact of multi-drug resistant Gram-negative infections on public health’You are required to write a piece of essay style coursework that assesses the impact of sexually transmitted disease on public health. As a guide you are expected to write approximately 1500 words. Submitted work that significantly exceeds this may be penalised. This piece of work aims to enhance your information retrieval skills, writing and referencing skills and will require that you integrate your knowledge of medical microbiology as a whole to this specific topic.You are encouraged to consider the wider field of medical microbiology and include the evidence from biological, social, economic and other public health angles to assess the impact that sexually transmitted diseases have on various aspects of the public’s health.You should not view the 1500 word limit as only offering the opportunity for a short discourse of the subject. Rather, your introduction to this M-level work should introduce the wider context of this issue and include a rationale of where you will focus your content to best illustrate the points that you want to make. During the essay take opportunities to demonstrate your understanding by giving evidenced judgements and critically analysing the data you present. You are expected to use primary literature wherever possible. You should include pertinent examples to illustrate your answer.

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