The PPACA of 2010

QUESTIONPlease help with homeworkThe PPACA of 2010PPACA of 2010 brought many changes to the types of provider organizations available. ACOs and PCMHs are two new organizations formed under PPACA. Using the readings this week, discuss the origin, structure, and purpose of the new organizations formed under PPACA.Using South University Online Library (for example, CINAHL) or the Internet, search any three articles from the list below and evaluate the challenges and opportunities facing payers and providers as ACOs and PCMHs are implemented:The patient-center medical home and managed care: Times have changed, some components have not (Baird, 2011).Patient-centered medical homes: Will health care reform provide new options for rural communities and providers? (Bolin, Gamm, Vest, Edwardson, & Miller, 2011)Accountable Care Organizations: The case for flexible partnerships between health plans and providers (Goldsmith, 2011).Payment reform for primary care within the accountable care organization a critical issue for health system reform (Goroll & Schoenbaum, 2012).Accountable care organizations, the patient-centered medical home, and health care reform: What does it all mean? (Longworth, 2011)Implementing accountable care organizations: Ten potential mistakes and how to learn from them (Singer & Shortell, 2011).Based on your research, summarize your findings on the selected topics and compile your observations in a 5- to 6-page Microsoft Word document.Support your responses with examples.Cite any sources in APA format.

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