The purpose of this assignment is to help you develop the skills needed to produce a targeted effectiveresume and cover letter for a specific job.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you develop the skills needed to produce a targeted effective
resume and cover letter for a specific job.
Apply the course concepts covered for targeted resumes and cover letters. Review the rubric carefully
(next page) to ensure that you have a clear understanding of how your assignment will be assessed.
This is a course assignment; you are not actually applying for a job. Later in this course, you will
participate in a mock interview using this same target job.
TASK 1 – Select a target job advertisement OR use advertisement provided by your instructor
Select a relevant job posting to work with for this assignment. You will be provided with tips on how
to evaluate a job posting, and how to locate one; OR your professor may provide you with a job
TASK 2 – Create a Targeted Resume
Refer to the sample resumes provided by your professor. Recreate or upgrade your current resume,
based on the resume evaluation rubric handout. Resumes should include:
 Contact Information
 Job Title, Tagline/Headline or Profile Statement
 A section which summarizes your fit for the position you are applying for (ex.
Highlights of Qualifications or Summary of Skills)
 Education, Relevant Training and Certifications
 Work/Volunteer Experience which includes examples of accomplishment statements
 Be no more than 2 pages
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TASK 3 – Create a Targeted Cover Letter
 Create a targeted cover letter corresponding to the job advertisement used to create your targeted
 Follow the format and principals covered in your lesson content
The targeted cover letter and resume should be submitted as two separate Microsoft Word files. Assignment
submission must also include a pdf copy of the job advertisement (if it has been selected by student).
Students should not submit the link for the job advertisement as this may become inactive.