The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand and apply learning fromour course to real life and personal examples. By assessing your personality usingthe Type Focus assessment, you will have t

Individual Assignment # 1 – Improvised Problem Solving
Due Week 5 – Value: 10%
The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand and apply learning from
our course to real life and personal examples. By assessing your personality using
the Type Focus assessment, you will have the opportunity to compare your
“experience” of personality to the concepts covered in your textbook. The insights
you gain through this assignment will help you to work more effectively in any
group environment.
§ Read Chapters 1, 2, and 4.
§ Complete the online Type Focus Assessment (Assigned in Week 2). This is what
the report will look like.
§ Reflect upon your personality.
§ Create a paper that follows the requirements below and answers the questions
on the case study.
§ Support your answers by citing theory from your textbook when applicable, as
well as the information provided through your assessments.
§ Please use APA format.
§ Maximum 2 pages including references
§ Submit on the required due date following the instructions provided for
§ Late assignments will receive a mark of zero.
Begin by explaining the purpose of this assignment and what you hope to present to
the reader (me). Think of the introduction as a “road map” to the rest of the
assignment. For example, you might say, “In this paper, I will discuss how my personality
influences my behaviors at work. I will also explore what it would be like be in a crisis as
the one described in the case study.”

  1. Identify your four-letter personality code. State what your code is (Attach a
    copy of your results to the end of your submitted paper)
  2. Based on your Type Focus Personality Assessment results, describe your
    personality and discuss what you have learned about yourself. What surprised
    you? What didn’t surprise you? What insights did you gain?
  3. Imagine you are the VP described in the case study below
    a. Explain what you would communicate to the following people, considering your
    personality type
  • Your boss
  • Your Human Resources Department
  • The local police
  • The attendees at the conference (Would you continue the conference?)
    b. How will you notify Randy’s wife?
    c. If Randy’s wife and a few family members want to visit the location of Randy’s
    death, what would you do?
    d. What are some “guiding principles” that leaders need to follow in a crisis
  1. What did you learn about yourself from doing this assignment?
  2. How might this information help you in your future careers?
    More Resources
    TypeFocus presentation
    How do personality tests work?
    Case Study
    Assume you are the VP of Sales and Marketing for a large insurance company. Once a year
    your company rewards and recognizes the top 100 sales agents by taking them to a luxury
    resort for a four-day conference. Business presentation meetings are held during the morning.
    Afternoons are free time. Agents and spouses can choose from an assortment of activities
    including golf, tennis, boating, fishing, shopping, swimming, etc.
    On day 2 at 3:00 p.m., you are at the gym working out on the treadmill, when you see Sue your
    administrative assistant rushing towards you. She says, “I need to talk to you immediately.”
    You get off the treadmill and say, “What’s up?” Sue states, “We’ve had a tragedy. Several
    agents went boating and swimming at the lake. Randy, our agent from California died while
    (Background information – Randy is 28 years old. His wife did not come on the trip. She is home
    in California with their three children).
    Names: ________________________________________________
    Exceeds expectations
    ¨ Paper has a solid introduction stating what the
    purpose of the assignment/report is.
    0 1 2
    ¨ Type Focus Personality Assessment is complete and
    results are described in sufficient detail.
    ¨ Description demonstrates self-awareness and
    ¨ Strengths and challenges of student’s individual four
    letter-code are described with some analysis and
    0 – 2 3-5 6-8
    Case Study Communication
    ¨ Complete and covered all stakeholders
    ¨ Response is well thought out and corresponds to
    student’s personality type.
    0-1 2-3 4-6
    Case Study Analysis
    ¨ Solution presented nd described with self-reflection
    – Questions b & c
    ¨ Question d is answered thoroughly and guidelines
    provided are reasonable and work effectively
    0-1 2-3 4-6
    ¨ Overall learning/reflective statement is well thought
    ¨ Solid conclusion stating how this information can
    help in future careers.
    0 1-2 3-4
    ¨ Document is formatted according to APA guidelines
    and is appropriate length.
    ¨ Cover page and reference page are complete and
    formatted appropriately. In text citations are correct.
    ¨ Attachments of Type Focus Personality Assessment is
    ¨ The document is well-written with complete
    sentences, proper grammar and correct spelling.
    0 1-2 3-4
    TOTAL – Worth 10 % of final course grade. /30