The purpose of this written lab is to assess your ability to critically examine and understand key information thatwas outlined in week 1-3 reading materials and determine whether you have understood the information in the

Created and Written by Dr. S. MacLean p. 1 INFO 6058 Assessment
INFO 6058 Health Systems Environment
Type Assessment Weighted Evaluation
Written Assignment Independent Written Lab Reflection – 1 10%
The purpose of this written lab is to assess your ability to critically examine and understand key information that
was outlined in week 1-3 reading materials and determine whether you have understood the information in the
Professor’s PPT lecture, lesson plan and FOL readings. Key questions outlined on page two of these instructions
are used to examine your critical thinking and writing skills. A rubric is used to assess your critical understanding
and writing of your written lab reflection. See rubric under additional lab resources.
Materials Required:
▪ Review W1-3 PPT (MacLean, 2023) and all Week 1-3 readings (See FOL weeks 1-3) and take notes.
▪ A rubric is provided as an assessment to your learning and to improve your inquiry, analysis and writing skills.
The rubric is meant to guide you (like a check list) to ensure you have maximized your full potential and used
to assess (grade) your written assessment. See rubric under additional lab resources.
Format and Length:
▪ This assignment must be completed in WORD and involves answering key questions in 1000 words single
space. Individual assignment must conform to APA 7 referencing and writing style guidelines.
▪ Use the structure lab format located under additional resources. Please also include a separate cover page
with: your full name and student number, course information description, title of assignment, and date.
Resources re: APA are posted on FOL.
▪ Text: 12 font, Style: Times New Roman or Arial.
Instructional steps to follow:
Step 1: Attend class and review the professor’s PPT slides from week 1-3 inclusive and FOL readings.
Step 2: Read the instructions on page 2 thoroughly. Use the additional resources on how to structure an annotated
evaluative bibliography.
Step 3: Use the format structure of completing an annotated bibliography (see additional lab resources).
Step 4: You are to follow APA, 7th edition documentation.
Reminders – All Assignments must meet the due date in drop box and not accepted via email.
In addition, the following are the four (4) minimum standards for all written assignments:

  1. Integrity: Ensure your assignment contains no plagiarized segments and there is no use of
    AI/ChatGPT. If it does, it will be considered an academic offence. Note: Quotations and paraphrasing
    of any source without proper in-text citations and attached reference list is considered plagiarism.
  2. Purpose: Ensure that your assignment achieves the primary purpose at least in a minimal way.
  3. Readability: Ensure that your assignment is edited to account for the majority of grammar,
    punctuation, and spelling errors. If it contains too many errors that create confusion of meaning and
    severely limits communication, then it will not meet the minimum standards.
  4. References: You must reference ALL sources from which you obtained information, and provide a
    citation for any information using APA 7
    th edition format (see A136 Academic Integrity).
    Created and Written by Dr. S. MacLean p. 2 INFO 6058 Assessment
    Professor’s Reflection:
    This assignment reflects important key learning and concepts to apply your understanding of all material
    content in weeks 1-3 inclusive. There are enriched readings located in FOL that addresses key essential
    skills, current issues and trends as well as aspects of people, processes, and structures in our acute care
    You are NOT to use the Internet for this assessment. Instead, you are to read and reflect on the
    learning in all of the materials within week 1-3. This includes my PPT lecture, lesson plan, and readings.
    Using the structure format that is outlined under “additional lab resources for written labs,” which
    includes sub-headings (followed by ONE conclusion at the end), please review and answer
    comprehensively in complete sentences, the following key questions in a 1000-word document and
    upload to dropbox by the deadline (See rubric for this written assignment):
  5. Issues/Trends/People Processes and Structures: What are the top 3 factors or issues
    which you learned about Canada’s healthcare environment in the PPT lectures from weeks 1-3
    inclusive and from the readings listed under FOL. Which author to you agree and/or disagree with
    and why?
  6. Skills: List and explicitly explain the essential skills that are required as a health information
    management professional. Identify what skills you possess and compare them to a HIM
    professional. Elaborate on your answers.
  7. Reflection: Describe how you will approach your learning in the HSY program and develop the
    skills you require to be a health information management professional? Explain what you believe
    are the main two hurdles which you need to develop in skills? Explain in detail your development
  8. Please cite all your work and ensure that you write in complete sentences (no bullet points).
  9. Please ensure to read the 2-page instructions of this lab as well as the accompanying rubric used
    for assessing this assignment. The “main rubric” is located under the contents of FOL. Your
    assessment is based on the rubric. Hence, it is very important for you to understand the rubric.
  10. Please also note the dropbox deadline. Assignments not meeting the dropbox
    deadline will not be accepted. There are no exceptions unless of a circumstance which is outlined
    on your CIS. Computer issues or uploading problems do not constitute an exception. This is clear
    on your CIS as well as outlined on the assignment (first page) as well as your verbal instructions
    by your Professor.
    Your insights and critical thinking is what is most important for this written lab reflection.
    All the best! Professor Silvie MacLean