Theoretical Foundation assignment

Question DescriptionUse 200 or more words with in-text citations APA formatThe Theoretical Foundation is important, because it encompasses the concepts, models, laws, and theories that ultimately form the theoretical framework (Swanson, 2013). The theoretical framework is the basis for developing the hypothesis or research questions. The problem statement can also be determined from the theoretical foundation through unaddressed gaps in existing research. My study will include the Simulation Theory of Empathy Model because this model can be incorporated in the study from beginning to end. The goal of my research is to measure empathy among first and fourth year nursing students and demonstrate the contrasting scores after empathy simulation labs are conducting among fourth year students. I am also considering incorporating the professional Quality of Life Scale. Research suggests there is a potential connection between compassion fatigue and the type of clinical practice and I would like to explore this further in my research by incorporating students in clinical rotations in either behavioral health or cancer care settings. ProQQL assesses compassion satisfaction as well as compassion fatigue (Michalac, Diefenbeck, & Mahoney, 2013). Both of these models are relevant to my research since my research is based on identifying compassion fatigue among nursing students and implementing empathy training to combat the effect of CF.ReferencesMachalec, B., Diefenbeck, C., & Mahoney, M. (2013). The calm before the storm? Burnout and compassion fatigue among undergraduate nursing students. Nurse Education Today, 33,314-320.Swanson, R. (2013). Theoretical Framework – Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper – Research Guides at University of Southern California. Retrieved November 03, 2016, from…

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