Topic: Looking Around – Economic Theory as Evidenced in a Current Affairs News Article

Topic: Looking Around – Economic Theory as Evidenced in a Current Affairs News Article
Reflection #1: Discussion of microeconomic (Unit 1) principals, theories, and concepts
Reflection #2: Discussion of macroeconomic (Unit 2) principals, theories, and concepts
You are to find a news article discussing a current event or events and ‘connect’ the situation to the economic
theories and concepts we have studied in class. Explain what is happening by using our economic principals, concepts
and theories. How do our studies help you better understand the information?
Be specific in your connections and use economic terminology. For example, if you are saying that ‘Demand increases’
you should explain why the demand is increasing. What does this mean? What is the determinant of demand causing
it to increase? What effect will this have?

  1. Submissions must be an essay submitted in APA format. The submission will be double-spaced, contain both a
    cover page and references page, and be typed in 11-12 pt. font.
  2. Submissions must be 500-800 words, not including title and reference page information.
  3. The news article cited must have been published within the past 3 months.
  4. Include a copy of the original article with your submission, or a hyperlink embedded within the article.
  5. You must be certain that Reflection #1 is a Microeconomic discussion, and Reflection #2 is a Macroeconomic
  6. Submissions will be accepted in either .pdf or .doc(x) format in the FOL submission folder by 11:00PM on the due
    date listed on the schedule.
  7. Submissions must be in the student’s own words. Any plagiarism or re-submission of existing prior work (from
    any academic institution) will be considered an academic offence. This includes the use of ChatGPT or other AI
    software. Note that all submissions are automatically screened for the use of AI.
  8. Contact your instruc