Tourism Planning and Strategy

Tourism Planning and Strategy. Assessment 2: Tourism Planning and Strategy post natural disaster; the case of Australia’s Black Saturday experience Part 1 Assessment Type: Outline of report Weighting: 20, Word Limit: 1000 words equivalent Due date: Week 6 Details: For this assignment you are required to prepare a written draft outline of a report on the topic outlined below. Black Saturday in February 2009 impacted tourism in Victoria in unprecedent. ways. Outline the impacts of the fires on tourism locations in terrns of visitations, product offerings. marketing planning, tourism strategy adjustments and govemment investment and support. What were the key leamings in relation to tourism from the Black Saturday experience? What recommendations would you make to Tourism Australia in terms of how they spend the $76 million recovery package to support tourism affected areas? Your submission should be presented with clear headings for each relevant section. Summary content within sections can be presented in dot point format. You must include in-text citations as well as a referen. list. Your referen. list must be in APA format. Assessment 3: TAcuusrtirsaTaralEZ:k9Saantcut rSdtZt2gientcnealluarrVIld saster; the case c’t Assessment Type: Final report Weighting: 40./0 Word Limit: 2000 words Due date: Week 10 Details: For this assignment you are required to write up a report based on the outline you wrote for Assignment 2. Your topic should be the same as the draft. The final report should be written in APA style and format. You are able to use diagrams. charts, graphs etc. If you wish to change the topic, you must confirm your new topic with your tutor before you begin. Your assignment should: • demonstrate a solid understanding of the issue, • demonstrate your ability to research, identify relevant supporting material, a. present information in a logical manner. • demonstrate your ability to write academically using quality references The post Tourism Planning and Strategy appeared first on My Assignment Online.Tourism Planning and Strategy