Unit 7: discovery research gb503

  Directions1. Conduct a literature review and then share your discoveries in the discussion. Let the discussion scope guide your discovery research. You are required to have at least three resources. 2. Initial post0. Evaluate the evolving balance of economic power shift from the western countries to the Asian countries then explain the rationale of this shift by supporting your ideas with some examples.1. Compare India and China to the United States0. Identify the area in which USA is producing most of its educational outputs than China and India.1. Discuss the relevance of the educational outputs in the three countries2. Explain how the US educational output is incompatible with the jobs creation.3. Evaluate if the shift will continue. Support your evaluation with evidence.4. Debate the belief of the younger generations of Chinese and Indians in reference to the economic power shift.5. Explain how the motivated generations will impact their economic growth; and their respective countries will become the United States of a few decades ago.6. Analyze if these changes will test western nations true commitment to global and open trade.7. Explain the challenges that China and India are facing even with their educational success. Give some benchmarks to support your ideas.2. Take on the role of a consultant and propose persuasive recommendations to further inspire economic growth and reduce unemployment rates.