Using current and relevant evidence briefly explain the underlying pathophysiology to justify why these below-mentioned assessments are appropriate or inappropriate?

TOPIC: LOWER BACK PAINASSOCIATED WITH CHRONIC OSTEOARTHRITISScenarioMr Shepherd’s health was impactedbyLower back pain associated with chronicosteoarthritis.As a part of health assessments, Nurseconductedfollowing health checks:VITAL SIGNSGLUCO COMA SCALE (GCS)BLOOD GLUCOSE LEVEL (BGL)PAIN ASSESSSMENTNEURO OBSERVATIONHEAD TO TOE EXAMINATIONMEDICATION CHECKQ1) Using current and relevant evidence brieflyexplain the underlying pathophysiology to justify whythese above-mentioned assessments were appropriate or why this is inappropriate?Q2) Using current and relevant evidence describewhat additional healthassessments should have been carried out during the episode of care and explain why.Q3) Statewhat the goal for care would be related to thisproblem,and describetwo evidence based independent nursing actions to meet this goal.Eg:1)Distraction method like Music2)Heat pack applicationAssessment instructionsTOTAL OF 700 WORDS INCLUDING Q1,Q2 AND Q 3APA REFERENCING STYLEREFERENCESONLY FROM EVIDENCE BASED ARTICLES ORJOURNALS WITHIN 7 YEARSMINIMUM OF 7 REFERENCES

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