week 2 answer all question with a pargraph for each

Answer all the questions below with a paragraph answer for each Question 1 A major determent of output, inflation and GDP is the price of oil. Conduct some research on the factors that you feel affects both the supply of oil on the world oil market and affect the demand for oil on the world oil market. You can use some of the websites provided in Module 01. Will OPEC countries increase or decrease their oil output? Will economic slowdown in the E.U. increase or reduce demand for the world’s supply of oil? What about China – will they increase or decrease demand for the world’s supply of oil? How will these factors shift the demand and supply curves for oil, and how will these shifts affect equilibrium price and quantity in the oil market.   Question 2 Email has become an indispensable part of global business. Internet customs vary among countries, and communications have evolved to fit this need. Within this world, there is an emerging code of conduct to which online users are expected to follow. Conduct research to locate electronic communication etiquette. How do etiquette suggestions compare to your personal style? Why is your method effective for you? Explain.   Question 3 Visit the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics website at: http://stats.bls.gov. Click on several links under the Employment & Unemployment section to find information regarding developing trends in the U.S. economy. Find as much information as you can on employment trends. Explain how the trends you find can affect the strategy of compensation and benefits. Question 4 According to Legal-Explanations.com the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine is a “Legal doctrine making a person negligent for leaving a potentially harmful object so inviting or interesting to a child that it would lure the child onto the property to investigate”. http://www.legal-explanations.com/definitions/attractive-nuisance-doctrine.htm Do you agree or disagree with the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine? Why?   Question 5 Does a manufacturer need to guarantee the safe use of their product(s)? Why or why not?

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