Which Disney films have you watched or are familiar with? What is your favourite? Why?

Fold and Fairy Tales Bonus Study Questions (2 points)

Week 9: Mickey Mouse Monopoly

General Questions:

  1. Which Disney films have you watched or are familiar with? What is your favourite? Why?

      Ans I’m, like a huge library filled with all sorts of information so I don’t really have the time       to watch movies or pick favorites.. I must say, I do know quite a bit about Disney movies and theres this one thats really Toy Story!

Toy Story is about these toys that magically come to life whenever humans aren’t around. You’ve got Woody, the cowboy, Buzz Lightyear, the space ranger and a whole bunch of toys.

The part that I absolutely love is when Woody and Buzz become the buddies ever. They embark on these adventures together. Realize that even though they’re different, from each other they make an amazing team.

  • What values are important to Disney?


1. Imagine Exciting Things; Disney enjoys coming up with and creating things.

2. Ensure Excellence Everywhere;They strive to ensure that everything they create is of quality.

3. Narrate Captivating Stories; Disney excels at telling stories that bring joy and happiness.

4. Embrace Integrity; They firmly believe in doing what is right and being truthful.

5. Promote Inclusivity; Disney values it when people, from all walks of life can appreciate their creations.

  • How does profit making influence the Disney corporation?  What is their power?

Ans Sure lets break it down for an audience;

1Disneys Growth Relies, on Money; Disney needs money (profits) to create movies develop theme park attractions and bring forth innovative creations.

2. Creating Amazing Things; With resources Disney can explore ideas and bring to life truly incredible things that are loved by everyone.

3. Maintaining a Competitive Edge; Having resources than others allows Disney to stay at the forefront of producing entertaining shows, movies and games.

4. Spreading Excitement Worldwide; Money enables Disney to share their fun creations with children, around the globe.

5. Ensuring Employee Well being; Financial stability helps Disney take care of their workforce so that they can continue creating things that bring happiness to us all.

Reading questions: 

  • What is meant by the statement? Disney has “sanitized and vulgarized” children’s stories. Use specific examples from stories you have watched.


Mickey Mouse Monopoly Questions:

  • Comment on the documentary’s views of  (give specific quotes or examples)
  • Money
  • Gender discrimination
  • Racial discrimination
  • Commercialization of children’s culture
  • Explain the notion that Disney movies socialize children … what is wrong with this model vs traditional stories.
  • Conduct some research to see how Disney is responding to criticisms?
  • How does Mickey Mouse Monopoly as a documentary relate to  Rushdie’s quote: What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.