Which of the following individuals should be included in the formation of a new health hospital’s mission statement mission statement?

Question 10 (1 point)As the subject-matter consultant, one of your first steps is to re-examine the Community Health Hospital’s mission statement and to focus on the formulation of the strategic plan. Which of the following individuals should be included in the formation of the new mission statement?Question 10 options:A)Operational managersB)Executive directorsC)Board of directorsD)A and BE)B and CSaveQuestion 11 (1 point)The current mission statement is: The mission of the hospital is to improve the integrity and the health of our community through excellence and amenities that promote high-quality care. This mission statement reflects which of the following characteristics?Question 11 options:A)Clear and memorableB)Concise yet broad enough for flexibilityC)Pragmatic and highlights competitive advantageD)Appealing and positive for multiple stakeholdersSaveQuestion 12 (1 point)From the mission statement, the following vision statement for Community Health Hospital is crafted: The hospital will be the health care provider of choice for physicians and patients recognized for (1) exceptional quality; (2) unparalleled service and patient experience; (3) great place to work and practice; and (4) services that support core community-health missions. This vision statement can be described as:Question 12 options:A)Bold with certainty/reflective of current capabilities and competitionB)Appealing and adaptable/grounded in realityC)Bold with certainty/appealing and adaptableD)Grounded in reality/reflective of current capabilities and competitionE)Bold with certainty/grounded in realitySaveQuestion 13 (1 point)Which of the following areas would not be addressed in Community Health Hospital value statements?Question 13 options:A)A shift from treatment to prevention of diseasesB)Improving provider productivity and patient satisfactionC)Renegotiating biomedical vendor contracts to reduce costsD)Research in stem cell therapy or pharmaceutical developmentE)All of the aboveSaveQuestion 14 (1 point)One of the strategic objectives created is: Over the next 4 years, patient satisfaction rates will go from 77.5% to 85.7%, making them comparable to other local hospitals. This strategic objective contains which of the following criteria?Question 14 options:A)MeasurableB)SpecificC)State a time period it should be reachedD)Identify those responsible for obtaining the objectiveE)A, B, and CSaveQuestion 15 (1 point)Note: For items 15–22, select the correct component of a SWOT analysis.During an employee survey of the operating room (OR) team, it was discovered that three surgeons had written several papers on oncology, five had been presenters or keynote speakers for national conventions, seven had worked on clinical trials, and 15 have two or more advanced degrees.Question 15 options:A)MarketB)ThreatsC)StrengthD)OpportunityE)Value statementSaveQuestion 16 (1 point)Note: For items 15–22, select the correct component of a SWOT analysis.The hospital will recruit, hire, and retain highly qualified personnel to complement existing staff.Question 16 options:A)ThreatsB)Value statementC)WeaknessD)OpportunityE)Resources and competenciesSaveQuestion 17 (1 point)Note: For items 15–22, select the correct component of a SWOT analysis.The hospital wants to improve its relationship with its patients but the providers and nursing staff are spread too thin to meet with patients more frequently.Question 17 options:A)ThreatsB)OpportunityC)Market segmentationD)StrengthE)WeaknessSaveQuestion 18 (1 point)Note: For items 15–22, select the correct component of a SWOT analysis.An analysis of the population residing around the hospital found that 35% were between the ages of 50 and 64, and 18% were over the age of 65.Question 18 options:A)ThreatsB)Value statementC)Market segmentationD)StrengthE)OpportunitySaveQuestion 19 (1 point)Note: For items 15–22, select the correct component of a SWOT analysis.A large competing health care organization will be taking over two hospitals and three large clinics in neighboring communities.Question 19 options:A)OpportunityB)MarketC)ThreatsD)Market segmentationE)WeaknessSaveQuestion 20 (1 point)Note: For items 15–22, select the correct component of a SWOT analysis.The population of three surrounding counties, within a 150 mile radius, is estimated at 65,000.Question 20 options:A)MarketB)Value statementC)Resources and competenciesD)Market segmentationE)OpportunitySaveQuestion 21 (1 point)Note: For items 15–22, select the correct component of a SWOT analysis.Key community members have agreed to organize outreach and assist with marketing within the community, if an oncology wing opens.Question 21 options:A)Market segmentationB)StrengthC)WeaknessD)OpportunityE)MarketSaveQuestion 22 (1 point)Note: For items 15–22, select the correct component of a SWOT analysis.After an analysis, the following was highlighted: Radiologist with latest medical imaging equipment creates scheduling procedures to ensure patient wait time is minimized.Question 22 options:A)ThreatsB)Resources and competenciesC)StrengthD)OpportunityE)WeaknessSaveQuestion 23 (1 point)The hospital has asked for assistance in crafting and implementing its strategic objective. Is the following a strategic goal or a strategic objective? The hospital will aggressively market and promote our staff and programs, and seek out partnerships that would attract new and qualified staff to expand the growth and development of clinical departments and programs.Question 23 options:A)Strategic goalB)Strategic objectiveSaveQuestion 24 (1 point)Which of the following is not an indicator for measuring success in this scenario (from Q3): Within 10 years, the hospital wants to be a fully integrated health care delivery system for the community and to provide cancer care that ensures the highest quality services and ease of access.Question 24 options:A)Staff satisfactionB)More patient visits and referralsC)External recognitionD)Increase in reimbursementSaveQuestion 25 (1 point)In the next 5 years, the hospital wants to be viewed as the community’s gold-standard resource for cancer screening and care. This is an example of a:Question 25 options:A)Short-term goalB)Medium-term goalC)Long-term goalSaveQuestion 26 (1 point)Is the following a strategic goal or a strategic objective? In the next 3 years, the hospital will develop and enhance clinical and community services to support the needs of our neighbors and to improve patient quality care.Question 26 options:A)Strategic goalB)Strategic objectiveSaveQuestion 27 (1 point)Which of the following is not an indicator for measuring success in the following scenario (from Q11)? The hospital creates a forward-looking plan to focus on comprehensive, coordinated, and measurable services and staff needed within the community that will allow it to stand out from the competition.Question 27 options:A)Attain accreditationB)Decrease in billing errorsC)Increase revenue from reimbursementsD)Improved patient clinical outcomes and continuum of careSaveQuestion 28 (1 point)The operating room (OR) team has been asked to examine their staffing schedule to assess scheduling options, costs, and operations to determine if the facility can increase its case load but maintain costs. Each manager is assigned a specific task, which will be discussed in three months during a debrief session in 3 months. This is an example of:Question 28 options:A)Operational planB)Action planC)Annual proceduresD)Organizational policySaveQuestion 29 (1 point)In the next year, the hospital wants to identify sponsors or donors that will contribute to an established initiative for chronic disease prevention and treatment. This is an example of a:Question 29 options:A)Short-term goalB)Medium-term goalC)Long-term goalSaveQuestion 30 (1 point)What major components are missing from the strategic objective below? In the next 5 years, we will be the local provider of choice, recognized for delivering the highest quality health care. We will efficiently and effectively run our services, reinvest in our local community, and maximize the benefits from an integrated health care model.Question 30 options:A)Customers/facilitiesB)Facilities/internal processC)Customers/financialD)Financial/facilitiesE)Customers/internal processSaveQuestion 31 (1 point)At a quarterly meeting, the board of directors has asked for an update on how the strategic plan is being implemented. Which of the following questions would help them monitor progress?Question 31 options:A)In the past quarter, have we met deadlines for restructuring departments?B)In the past quarter, has new technology or research emerged that we can capitalize on?C)In the past quarter, have competing hospitals increased their market share?D)All of the aboveSaveQuestion 32 (1 point)The chief executive officer (CEO) has asked the medical, human resources (HR), finance, legal, and facilities directors to submit their annual plans and budget. This request is an:Question 32 options:A)Operational planB)Action planC)Organizational policySaveQuestion 33 (1 point)In the next 2 years, the hospital wants to increase the knowledge and utilization of local wellness and preventive resources for patient referrals. This is an example of a:Question 33 options:A)Short-term goalB)Medium-term goalC)Long-term goalD)Generic goal

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