Write a formal paper about a healthcare topic that interests you.

Module 1 discussionChoose a healthcare topic that interests you. It can be any topic of your choice, but must be related to healthcare or the healthcare professions. During this course you will be researching this topic and writing a formal paper about it. For this week’s discussion we will do step 1: Pick and state your topic. Then explain why you have chosen it and how it relates to healthcare. Your discussion board posting should reflect the correct tone for academic threads.Module 2 discussionVisit the Aspen University Nursing Student Café. Go to, “Content”, then “APA Formatting”, and thoroughly review the APA Tip Sheet from Owl, as well as the Purdue Online Writing Lab.Share with your classmates three things to remember from each item. It is suggested that you save the “APA tip sheet from OWL” for regular use while writing papers.Module 3 discussionFormal writing style is very different from our everyday speech patterns. What differences have you noticed between your daily conversational style and academic writing?Module 4 discussionChoose three current topics of debate in healthcare and prepare a strongly argumentative thesis statement for each. Your main essay topic may be one of the three, but it is not necessary. The statement may or may not reflect your actual view. Then, for your discussion reply, critique a fellow learner’s thesis statements for strength and quality. Reminder: This is good practice for respectful, professional disagreement and discussion. Nothing less will be allowed.Module 5 discussionPick one topic that you need references for to write your synthesis paper. Utilizing ProQuest, ERIC, and Google Scholar, please enter the one topic in the search box, evaluating the various features of the search engine. Which did you prefer? Explain why and discuss your experience navigating the three search engines. Please be thorough in your answer regarding your experience, noting specific examples.Module 6 discussionLocate a research article with a literature review on a healthcare topic that has been published within the last five years utilizing the library sources provided by Aspen University. After reading the article, report on its findings. How many articles were reviewed? What was the focus of the review? What were the findings?Module 7 discussionPlease provide two suggestions, from the textbook and/or outside sources, for overcoming writer’s block. Also, provide three suggestions that you use to handle writer’s block. Which of these has been most successful for you?Module 8 discussionPlease consider how you have developed the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable your achievement of the course goals listed in the syllabus. Then write a minimum of 400 words describing how this course has helped you achieve these outcomes. Please be sure to reply to at least two of your classmates.

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